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Smartlync, the expert in Skype for Business

Smartlync is the expert in Skype for Business. And yes, we confirm this strongly. Because the optimal integration of Skype for Business within companies is our core business. We are not an all in one IT company, not a vendor of old fashion pbx, we don't install computers. We are Skype for Business-experts. Due to that unique focus, we have a profound knowledge of the Microsoft Unified Communication tool, and thanks to our experience we design an optimal communication flow for your company.

With Office 365, customers now also request information and integration with Microsoft Teams. Companies with employees from different generations ask for tools to easily collaborate. "Collaboration for generation X and Y". The baby boomers prefer to work together in the same office and use Outlook e-mail. While millennias want to work in teamworkplaces and use chat, animated gifs and video.

Are you ready for a more efficient and a better customer service with Skype for Business? Do not search any longer, Smartlync is your partner!

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How do we work?

Smartlync analyses your telecommunication situation: We investigate your infrastructure, Software, Licenses, phone numbers and invoices.

Smartlync maps your communication flows.

Smartlync designs an efficient plan of action with Skype for Business and delivers a detailed proposal.

Smartlync guides your company on the road of a durable, innovative communication that scores with your customers and collaborators.

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Why a
Skype for Business

  • your customer service improves
  • the productivity within your company gets better
  • your co-workers communicate more efficient
  • you save time and money
  • you and your co-workers need to travel less

Who are we?

Smartlync helps your company to communicate more efficient and makes your company work more productive by integrating Skype for Business optimal in your day-to-day work. That is our focus. At 100%! Our customers? Organizations and companies - big and small – that chooses for an innovation within communication and pulls the card of the new way of work. More efficient, faster and in balance!

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